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TIS is the leading Online Islamic Academy for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way of distance courses. TIS has developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic Islamic education.

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 "As for me, The Islam School is the best online source to learn Quran." 

—Numan Ahmed, Aberdeen, UK.


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       Noorani Qaida B&W                 
        Ahsan ul Qawaid        Noorani Qaida           Rehmani Qaida     Madani Qaida English    16 Line Tajweedi Quran


      40 DUAS                    6 Kalmas               Salah step by step             Read Quran in Flash


                           Tajweed Book      How to perform Salah         How to do Wudu          How to do Tayammum


                Skype Software           GoToMeeting
30 Ramadhan Activities for Children              Download Skype          Download Gotomeeting

                                   Tajweed ul Quran QC-03 _ TIS
                          How to memorize Quran             QC-03 Tajweed for Everyone

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