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TIS is the leading Online Islamic Academy for those who want to learn Islam and Quran online by way of distance courses. TIS has developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic Islamic education.

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 "As for me, The Islam School is the best online source to learn Quran." 

—Numan Ahmed, Aberdeen, UK.

QC-04 Quran Memorization

Course Code: QC-04
Prerequisition: QC-01 and QC-02

This program is designed for those students who wish to memorize the Holy Quran online. Students will be helped in memorizing and retain the Qur’an. This course is comprised of three levels; first level consists of short chapters and famous verses of Qur‚an and during this level student will be judged either they are able to memorize and retain or not. After successfully finishing first level the student will be promoted to the second & third one. This class has a duration of an hour.

"Recite the Quran, for indeed Allah will reward you ten (10) times more for each later that you recite" (Sahi Hadith I Al-Darami)

The Course contents includes:-

  1. Revision of Tajweed rules & correcttion of pronunciation.
  2. Memorization of Quran.
  3. Listening previous lessons.
  4. Ensuring practice of Hifz.

Although normally it takes near 2-3 years to memorize the whole Quran, yet it is appreciated & encouraged alot. If not complete, maximum should be momorized.
Just imagine that reading of 1 letter once is rewarded 10 times. When one want to memorize any single Ayat, it is repeated tens of times before it is learnt by heart.

One can’t calculate the reward (Swab) one would get while Hifz-ul-Quran, In sha Allah.

Golden rules for Memorizing the holy Quran

  • Be Sincere.
  • Correct Pronunciation and Recitation.
  • Apportion the Daily Number of Verses to Memorize.
  • Do Not Move to the Next Portion Till You Master the Present One.
  • Stick to One Specific Copy of the Glorious Qur’an.
  • Understand What You Are Memorizing.
  • Do Not Move from One Surah to Another Till You Connect Its Beginning to Its End.
  • Recite Frequently before Others.
  • Follow Up Frequently.
  • Pay Attention to Similarities.
  • Seize the Opportunity of the Golden Years to Memorize.


Level 1

  • Surah Al Fatiha (chapter # 1)
  • Surah An-Nas to Surah Al-fajar (chapter # 89-114)
  • Surah Al Baqarah (chapter # 2, verse # 1-5)
  • Ayat-ul-Qursi (chapter # 2, ayat # 255)

Level 2

  • Surah Yaseen (chapter # 36)
  • Surah Al-Hujurat (chapter # 49)
  • Surah Ar-Rahman (chapter # 55)
  • Al-Waqi’a (chapter # 56)
  • Surah Al-Mulk (chapter # 67)
  • Surah Al-Muzzammil (chapter # 73)
  • Surah Al=Muddath’thir (chapter # 74)

Level 3

  • Whole Qur’an


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